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Why Our Fish is Better:
The clear abundant waters of the Pacific produce exceptional quality fish, and we take very good care of our catch to preserve their excellent flavor and exceptional nutritional value. Each fish is individually caught on a hook and line from our boat Sea Princess, then carefully landed, bled and quickly chilled, before their fresh flavor and texture can deteriorate. We then deliver them to our custom canner, where they are uniquely processed in what is called a "fresh pack". Each fish is hand filleted and packed raw, then sealed and pressure cooked,in the can, basting in its own natural juice. This, more costly, process preserves all the flavor and naturally occuring nutrients and Omega 3s that are normally lost with conventional canning methods. Our fish tastes freshly cooked and naturally moist, right from the can. And the liquid in our cans is 100% usable, full of nutrients and Omega 3s. We never add water or oil. Taste the difference.

Albacore are one of the smaller tuna species, that migrate across the Pacific with the warm Japanese current. They are highly prized for their white, firm flesh and have a clean, mild flavor when handled properly. A great source of heart healthy Omega 3 and easily digestible protein, the Albacore we catch are young fish, 3-6 years old, that haven't spent years accumulating high levels of mercury or other contaminants.
We offer three varieties of Albacore Tuna:

  • Premium
    With a pinch of sea salt for flavor.
  • No-Salt
    Nothing but the fish!
  • Alder Smoked
    Our recipe uses dried molasses instead of sugar. We smoke the fish just long enough to get the flavor, so its still moist.

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